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A Shift In Our Governmental Thinking

“My kingdom is not of this world.” (John 18:36)

As the Ekklesia, we are on the doorstep of a season that calls for a shift in our governmental thinking. We have a natural, national government that presides over the laws and direction of the land. But we have the increase of Jesus’ government—and peace—inside of us. One is seen and talked about non-stop, so it naturally draws our attention for needed reform and influence, with good reason. However, it’s the unseen realm of government we’ve been entrusted with that needs to become the one we behold more naturally. What if we had more faith in our family’s ability to change our culture and nation than we do the President, elected officials or the legislation of the time?

Four years ago I ran for U.S. Congress. To be honest, I still can’t believe it as it was such a unique season. Every day I woke up feeling what David must have felt when they tried to adorn him with Saul’s armor. He was uncomfortable and couldn’t walk right. Instead he needed only to take his basic, true, trusted tools into battle—his staff and five smooth stones. I didn’t run for office just for the sake of winning per se, because winning wasn’t about that particular race. Rather, I ran largely as a prophetic act in order to enter one sphere of natural governmental territory with the greater influence and strategy of His government that is waiting to be “increased” in the world through us—to fight for the greater battle at hand. I put my foot in that arena in order to more wholly pick up and exercise the governmental authority we are called to walk in. I didn’t need to win or hold office in order to bring Jesus’ government into greater influence, but it was in that place of natural government that I wanted to start speaking of the greater one and its strategies to build through.

For far too long we have put much of our hope or trust for reform in the governmental leaders or legislation of the land. While that area is very important and has important value in contributing to change and I am thankful for those who are genuinely fighting for that mountain, we are not all called to live in a top-down kingdom as far as influence goes, and natural government is only one of the spheres of influence to which a specific group of people are called. Jesus taught us—and modeled—over and again that the increase of His governmental influence usually happens from the bottom-up. It doesn’t need man’s seat of authority because when we put our faith in the right place we realize that we already have an even greater seat of authority. We realize that we don’t need a great politician or position to bring lasting change when we have commonly-uncommon people who simply need to recognize and believe that the government they’re really waiting for is inside them rather than on the right or left. We certainly know this truth with our thoughts or words, but too often we lean towards political preference for change rather than personal action.

Distracted Disciples or Empowered Apostles?

We live in a culture of both misinformation and disinformation. Much of this “dis”information that can come from mainstream or even “special” sources on either side of the aisle can often meant to “dis”tract us from the government within us that is waiting to increase both in us and through us. It can feed us fear-based thinking meant to paralyze us, wanting us to wait for external answers rather than putting our faith into kingdom prayers, intercession and action.

The enemy wants us distracted with a sub-optimal answer. He wants us distracted with horizontal battles that take up our time, and our hope. He wants us angry or disheartened with the evil agendas, fearfully reactive, and distracted with carnal answers instead of the spiritual victories we already possess. We can get so caught up with fighting darkness in the natural governmental arena that we forget to each simply be the light from within that naturally casts out darkness.

Multiple times Jesus’ disciples tried to “help” him bring the change they waited for with ideas or actions to overtake the Romans that governed corruptly. And many others missed the Messiah at that time because they were waiting for Him to look like a military or governmental leader who would ride in to overcome the ultimate evil that governed them. Their focus was on a natural answer that was subpar to the answer our Messiah brought with Him. The very disciples of Jesus were at first distracted by natural governmental authority or hope instead of the heavenly governmental authority He was trying to hand them. But Jesus consistently reminded them to shift their thinking to another kingdom that He—and they—were called to build.

What about you and me? Where our focus is, there our hearts will be also. So where is our focus? Do we speak to the greater, unseen government we know to be true while yet putting our trust and daily fight into the administration and legislation that might simply be overturned like a back and forth tug-o-war in four to eight years? Or do we realize each day and act upon the innate gifting, anointing, light, LOVE and authority within us to change culture more than the laws ever can? Your vote is important, but what you have in your hands and your heart to make actionable is what is most needed for the time we are entering.

Again, I want to say loudly that I believe there is great value for some people to take office and wage battle in the sphere of natural government. But it is only one sphere. The greater government rises up out of the grassroots and consumes all the spheres, natural government included.

If we are going to shift into His increase, into breakthrough and harvest, we will need to shift our focus first. A candidate might be able to help hold up a pathway of freedom, but they cannot implement the lasting change that you and I are called to. This will require a shift for us.

You’ve probably heard the verse, “they draw near to me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.” I feel this is where many have been at in terms of governmental thinking. We know we serve and even possess the greater government enough to speak it when necessary. But on the day to day our hearts are ingrained in a political arm-wrestling match. Our hands were made for so much more!

Shift Our Thinking, Shift Our World

When we make the shift in our governmental thinking—of which government we live by most—that will be the moment a slow-building powerhouse of a movement will commence. We know the world, politics and governments need change, but it’s time we shift into recognizing how that governmental authority for change is supposed to operate through us—together. Quick, legislative answers are helpful, but won’t suffice over time. We need to play the long game, the deep-rooted game. We have to take government back from politics and empower it through people.

I believe we are in a governmental season that calls for our deeds as much as ever to balance our faith. Change won’t just happen for us, it happens in us and then through us. That is the governmental shift that our families, our communities, cultures and nations need most. Shift our thinking, shift our world.

Now is the time we mobilize like hidden seeds in a field, and live out the increase of His government that is within us each.

“Of the increase of His government and peace there will be no end…” (Isaiah 9:7)