What is the KBR Alternative Economic System?

The phrase "KBR," is taken from an ancient Aramaic phrase that means “place of abundance.” And that is both our goal, and our prayer; to implement an alternative, kingdom-based system that can transform lives and communities from places of lack, to places of abundance.

KBR is a debt-free lending system that is community based and gold backed. There are steps to implementing the KBR system in its entirety, and the journey to that place is varied depending on the community and resources. But part of the beauty of KBR is that, though it is a system which inherently requires some rails to be built, it can also adjust to meet a community of people where they are at and help them build in a new, empowered and free way forward. Our goal is to learn a community, its people, its resources, challenges and opportunities so that we can find the best way to start the process, even if that is in the form of baby steps.

Here is a more in-depth description in the document below.